Dawn Douthat, Owner/Consultant

Dawn Douthat, Owner/Consultant, 1=3 Consulting

Dawn has more than 25 years in the legal industry as a professional paralegal, office manager, and legal software administrator. In 2021, she joined a leading South Carolina IT company advising clients on document management, case management, and customer relationship management solutions, adding to her wheelhouse of technical skills.

Dawn has been a trusted resource for many firms who have relied upon her vision to organize, build, and implement systems and processes from the ground up. With her full understanding of law firm practices both operationally and financially, she brings added value to the law firm automation discussion.

Dawn‘s relatable personality allows her to approach each project from a unique perspective, placing value in the voice of every user and seeking the most efficient approach to workflow design, implementations, data migrations, and customizations. Her input translates to reduced man-hours, employee loyalty, improved user skill sets through personalized training, and increased revenue.


Kathleen Murphy Jones, Attorney
Law Firm Legal Content Expert

Kathleen Murphy Jones is a seasoned legal professional whose journey in the field of law, beginning in 1991, exemplifies a deep and versatile understanding of the legal landscape. Kathi began her career as a paralegal. That role provided her with foundational insights into the intricacies of legal processes. This introduction to the practice of law led her to attend the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.

After graduation, Kathi hung out her shingle as a solo practitioner in criminal law, family law, and appellate practice. From there, Kathi moved to public service as a staff attorney in the Court of Justice for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She honed her research and writing skills in this position and applied them to complex cases in Jefferson Circuit Court. Upon the retirement of the judge with whom she worked, Kathi decided to return to private practice in the burgeoning field of elder law. She became adept at addressing the evolving needs of her clients and enjoyed serving their diverse needs.

As the Law Firm Legal Content Expert at 1=3 Consulting, LLC, Kathi brings an unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge. Her experience in multiple practice areas will benefit clients of 1=3 Consulting, LLC. Our clients will benefit from Kathi’s comprehensive understanding of the needs of busy lawyers and their practices, her ability to convey complex concepts with clarity, and her commitment to providing solutions that are both practical and legally sound. Her journey through different facets of the legal profession not only underscores her versatility but also her deep commitment to the field and makes her an exemplary guide for any client navigating the complexities of the business of running a law office.

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